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The farm

Fifty hectares of farming tradition

Aminta ResortThe farm extends for about fifty hectares of land totally cultivated with nut-trees, fruit trees, vegetables and olive trees.
The plantations're grown following the local rural traditions, the seasons, the lunar cycles and without the use of any pesticide. Furthermore, there are various courtyard animals within the farm: ducks, gooses, roosters and chickens.

On the other hand, you can find in the wood free-range pigs, boars, goats and sheeps. There are also beehives that give us a very good chestnut honey.



Aminta Resort

Aminta Resort
via Trovano, 5
00030 Genazzano (Roma)
P.iva 09736461006

Days off
On Sunday evening and on Monday

Tel: +39 (06) 95.78.661
Fax: +39 (06) 95.78.661

Mobile: 339.75.31.480 / 340.39.03.933

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