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Marco Bottega

The third generation with love of cookery

Aminta ResortThe Chef belongs by now to the third generation of restaurateurs.
Since childhood he was nourished of love of cookery, sacrifice and a lot of high grade.
After he finished his humanistics studies, he paid his dues for a long time. This experience'll lead him to the discovery of Italian cuisine traditions and to the collaboration with the most famous Italian and foreign chefs.

After he's learned a lot of techniques and he's had a variety of experiences, in 2009 he decided to return to the current family business. From this period a gradual improvement of the company begins in the matter of management, business structure and workforce. Thanks to this he obtains several awards and praises in a very short time.



Aminta Resort Aminta ResortAminta ResortAminta ResortAminta Resort

Aminta Resort
via Trovano, 5
00030 Genazzano (Roma)
P.iva 09736461006

Days off
On Sunday evening and on Monday

Tel: +39 (06) 95.78.661
Fax: +39 (06) 95.78.661

Mobile: 339.75.31.480 / 340.39.03.933

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