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The name 'Aminta' derives from the title of a pastoral opera whose the main character is a shepherd...

Aminta Resort...called Aminta. The Aminta resort enlarges upon the top of a hill covered with more than 2500 nut-trees whence it's possible to enjoy an amazing natural landscape.
Among other things, the very favorable location offers to our guests the possibility of tourist excursions and tours in places of great historical and artistic interest. The Resort gives the opportunity to reach in few minutes the towns of Genazzano, Palestrina, Valmontone, Fiuggi, San Vito Romano and mount Guadagnolo.
Few kilometres far from the hotel you'll also find the famous Roman castles: Nemi, Genzano, Velletri and Castel Gandolfo whose beauty is well known.

The pool and the surrounding patio (hortus) open the possibility of relaxing in a genuine solarium, using the whirlpool area in the cave, the kneipp path to stimulate the flow of blood and the jets of water for cervical therapy (from june to september).

The resort's eight double rooms provided with indipendent bathroom and TV.
Their furnishings're carefully integrated to meet the contemporary demands of comfort although they're the original ones of a rural dwelling, where the past emerges palpable in every room and it makes meaningful of special feelings the daily routine.



Aminta Resort

Aminta Resort
via Trovano, 5
00030 Genazzano (Roma)
P.iva 09736461006

Days off
On Sunday evening and on Monday

Tel: +39 (06) 95.78.661
Fax: +39 (06) 95.78.661

Mobile: 339.75.31.480 / 340.39.03.933

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