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Gourmet restaurant

Clear flavours that range from tradition to extreme artistry

Aminta Resort You'll be headed into an extraordinary experience.
We can find sharp tastes in the Marco Bottega's cookery creations, that range from tradition to the most exceptional artistry, respecting not only the raw materials, but also the territory and the firmly connection with seasons. The work experiences and the moods that the Chef lives can be felt in his dishes.

You'll be guided in a unique trip where you'll find special raw materials, arts, chromatism of dishes and a lot of thoughts and ideas.



Aminta Resort Aminta ResortAminta ResortAminta ResortAminta ResortAminta ResortAminta Resort

Aminta Resort
via Trovano, 5
00030 Genazzano (Roma)
P.iva 09736461006

Days off
On Sunday evening and on Monday

Tel: +39 (06) 95.78.661
Fax: +39 (06) 95.78.661

Mobile: 339.75.31.480 / 340.39.03.933

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